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Eli’s Dinosaur-Themed 1st Birthday – The Decor

For my last post on Eli’s first birthday party, I thought I would share a little bit about the decor!

For inspiration I started where every mom starts…on Pinterest. I think I may have pinned over 100 ideas for how to decorate, projects and DIY crafts I wanted to do, food ideas (more on what food we served here), etc. But as the day approached, I realized it would be a lot of work to do everything I had planned…and with a full time job there was no way it was going to happen. So I decided to just focus on a couple of my favorites.

First, I knew I wanted to print out pictures from his first year and hang them all over the house. So I did this in a couple of areas, with the entry-way being the focal point – his month by month growth pictures. I think it helped to showcase the true meaning for the party – Elijah – and it turned out really great.

I ended up finding some fantastic dinosaur birthday decorations at Target that went with the color scheme I had planned and everything. I had actually already gotten a ton of stuff from Walmart and ended up returning it all to buy the decorations at Target.

We got balloons from the local party store and string streamers all over the house to make it more festive!

We rounded out the decor with the entry way, where I placed a dinosaur birthday book to have all of his guests write notes in and also placed the party favors next to it (different toys and snack items for the other kids).

The last thing I could not compromise on, was matching t-shirts. I was fortunate enough to find a local person to print our shirts and I was able to customize Elijah’s to say “Elijahsaurus” which I thought was perfect! Josh and I wore “Mommyasaurus” and “Daddyasaurus” shirts (similar ones here, here, and here) and I absolutely loved it!

All these decorations coupled with the few DIY projects I was able to do (more on those here) made for a great dinosaur-themed party!

I couldn’t have asked for it to turn out better and was so glad I was able to pull it off without spending a ton of time or money!

Happy Birthday sweet Elijah! I really hope you enjoyed your party.


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