Our Italian Adventure – Florence

I want to start by saying, I absolutely love Florence.  I had been to Florence when I was in College, and the main thing I remembered was the San Lorenzo Leather Market.  I had always regretted not buying a leather purse when I was there, so when we were going to Italy, of course I had to make a stop in Florence!

That’s not the only reason I wanted to go, but it was a huge motivator (much to Josh’s dismay)! But, if you’re not in to shopping at the leather market, Florence is a gorgeous city that has amazing food and is very easily walkable.

We booked a hotel through that ended up being about 2 blocks away from the Duomo, which is a great area to stay.  We absolutely loved how close we were to all of the shopping and restaurants.

Florence is very stroller-friendly.  We found it almost always easy to navigate the streets with the stroller, and Eli fell asleep very quickly with the bumps of the brick streets! More on taking your stroller overseas here.

I wanted to share my top 3 places to visit in Florence.  I am positive there are hundreds more things to do in Florence, but these were 3 of my favorites.  And, as in every Italian city…get gelato!! It’s basically on every corner, so just go in and order a huge cone!

  1. Galleria dell’Accademia: One must-see in Florence is the Statue of David.  This statue is exquisite!!  We went by the museum one evening, with the intention of purchasing tickets for the following morning.  We showed up about 1 hour prior to the museum closing, and the ticket attendant let us know we could still enter the museum, and it was mostly empty.  We thought about it, and asked if 1 hour was plenty of time to see everything, and we were assured it was.  So, we purchased our tickets and proceeded to have the museum almost entirely to ourselves!! We were able to get plenty of pictures and stand in front of the Statue of David for as long as we wanted. I would highly recommend trying to visit at night if traveling in the off-season.  If traveling in the peak season (summer time), I would try to get tickets early and ask the ticket attendant the best time to visit.
  2. Panini Toscani:  Josh still talks about this sandwich.  This was the best Panini we had in italy (and we tried quite a few with excellent Yelp reviews)!  We had to wait in line for quite a while, but it was definitely worth the wait.  My main advice for this restaurant is that it is not stroller-friendly.  I ended up having to wait outside as Josh went in to order. He explained the ordering process was his favorite part as he was encouraged to try different meats, cheeses, and spreads while choosing what he wanted on each sandwich. I hate that I missed out on this, but the sandwich was incredible.
  3. San Lorenzo Leather Market: As I said above, this was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Florence.  I was so excited to purchase a leather cross-body purse.  However, I was a little disappointed, and I didn’t end up purchasing a purse (which I now regret again).  I couldn’t find that perfect purse, so I didn’t buy any.  I did, however, find some amazing gloves, which I had purchased 10 years prior, and are still going strong.  I ended up buying some for friends and family as they’re so good! They were at Johnny Firenze (funny name, I know, but wow!) and we were even able to haggle them to be much cheaper than I even purchased 10 years ago in 2008!

Have you been to Florence? What was your favorite thing about visiting Florence?


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