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My Favorite Things – Elijah’s Nursery (Part 2)

Part 2 of my top 10 favorite things in Eli’s nursery. There are other products I absolutely love for him, but I’m trying to focus on things only his his nursery for this post. If you missed the 6-10, you can find them here.  Also, I decided not to include a baby monitor in my top 10.  This is definitely a necessity, but I’m not a huge fan of ours…so if you have one you absolutely love, please comment on the type/brand below as I’d love to hear suggestions!

So without further ado, here are my top 5 nursery items:

5. Rocker/Recliner
We are obsessed with our rocker/recliner. We also added the power package rather than keeping the kind with an arm that you pull to kick out the legs. We did this because the power one is much quieter and you can lift the legs and not recline the top, or lean the top back without lifting the legs. It was totally worth the extra money. We went with this recliner and it is the perfect size for both of us (it was hard to find one since I’m 5’2” and Josh is 6’). And we were able to choose from over 40 colors! We went on a sale weekend and also saved money by picking the recliner up and installing it ourselves, but we did splurge on the fabric protection which makes it almost waterproof (well worth it…there has been a crazy amount of spit up on this chair and you cannot see or smell any of it)! I also really like this one, this one, and this one!

4. Black-Out Curtains
I ended up making the curtains in our room. I loved these curtains from restoration hardware but ended up saving about $150 by making them myself and I was able to choose the fabric! I purchased this fabric, this lining material, and followed this amazing tutorial. She explains it so well and the curtains turned out better than I could have hoped for. It was a ton of work though, so if you’re pressed on time it may be worth it to just buy some online!

3. Humidifier
We didn’t originally purchase or register for a humidifier. We figured we lived in Florida, it’s super humid and we don’t need it. Boy we’re we wrong. I ran out and got one at midnight when Eli had his first cold and was struggling with his breathing. The one we bought in the middle of the night didn’t work that great so we did some research and went with this Safety First one. It was inexpensive and had great reviews and we have loved it. We got ours at Target using their price match program (it was cheaper on Amazon so they price matched) but you could also order from Amazon or put it on a baby registry (highly recommend this as something on your registry…if your kid is in daycare they’ll need one as they’ll get sick…a lot)! We use ours every night (the one night we didn’t he woke up very badly congested….josh thinks it’s a coincidence but I think it’s the humidifier)!

2. Sound Machine

We have this Rohm sound machine and it has been fantastic! We did have a different one that had a nightlight, which was great until Eli started getting distracted while nursing (around 6 months). Then he wouldn’t go back to sleep for trying to grab the light and stare at the stars.  So, we went with the Rohm.  We needed a travel one to take with us to Italy and I’ve heard great things about it’s larger version, the Dohm. The most important thing we looked for when getting a sound machine was that it stayed on continuously. This was a big deal breaker for us with most machines. I have friends who said theirs shut off after 45 min and their babies would wake immediately.

1. Keekaroo Peanut Changer
I have a friend who purchased this and told me about it and wow…best purchase ever! It’s a rubber changing pad so if there is a mess on it (and we have lots of messes on ours…multiple a day) rather than having to wash changing pad covers constantly you wipe it off with a baby wipe! Next time I will either get this again (or reuse the one we have for Eli) or I may try this one I saw on Shark Tank. It’s a similar idea but also has a scale and is a similar price!

Others purchases I love:
Burt’s Bees sheets, Wipes Dispenser, Bum Brush, Rock-n-Play

Products I wish I had, already on my list for the next baby:

Halo Swivel Bassinet, Dock-A-Tot, Owlet Monitor

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 items to have in your nursery!

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