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My Favorite Things – Elijah’s Nursery (Part 1)

Since I’ve talked about some of our DIY projects in Eli’s room here, I figured I’d move on to my last post (for now) about his nursery…decor! I absolutely love shopping for all things baby. Whether it’s clothes, nursery decor, or baby necessities. I mean, it’s just so much fun to buy things for tiny humans!! I’m currently sitting rocking Eli to sleep and looking around his room trying to think of the things I want to highlight that I wouldn’t want to live without in his nursery and it’s hard. I really like most everything we have for him. But I did come up with my top 10 (p.s. these top 10 don’t include the necessities such as a crib, etc):

10. A Dresser Changing Table
Instead of using a changing table and also having a dresser in Eli’s room, we ended up using his dresser as his changing table.  This way we were able to purchase a much larger dresser and we wouldn’t be left with a piece of furniture we wouldn’t use after he was finished with diapers or too big for the table.  We ended up going with this IKEA dresser (similar one here and here, and also love this one) since it had such large, smooth closing drawers. The drawers even come with this great yellow striped lining which makes it look cleaner and really nice, even on the inside. We ended up getting Eli’s dresser on Facebook Marketplace for only $150 and it looked almost brand new. It was a challenge getting it back to our house since it was already built, but at the time the closest ikea was 2.5 hours away and I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t want to drive that far. So I kept searching the marketplace and this beauty popped up one day in Jacksonville. Josh and our friend David went to pick it up and it only needed a good wipe down to look absolutely perfect! We used these organizers from Ikea and they fit great and help us stay organized.

9. Dekor Diaper Pail
We really like this diaper pail mainly because we are able to put our own trash bags in it and save on buying refill packs like you have to get for a diaper genie. Plus it was only $35 and came in gray. Here is another diaper pail that I’ve also heard great things about (just a little more pricey but comes in a lot more colors).

8. Blanket
I have a bit of a blanket problem. I own way too many blankets but I continue to buy more because I am always cold and a soft blanket is the best feeling! Any blanket is a must have in the nursery, and not for the baby but for the parents. There have been so many nights I have gone in to nurse or rock Eli and I am so cold! I wrap the blanket around both of us so we’re snuggly and warm until Eli falls back asleep. We have a similar blanket to this one and I’m in love because it’s insanely soft!

7. Lamp
A lamp is definitely a must-have in a nursery. We have a lamp that is similar to this one (another close one here). A lamp is just a great idea so whenever you go in their room to rock them and/or nurse them, this way you don’t have to turn on the overhead light and they can go back to sleep. We also have a floor lamp by our rocker in his room, but we’ve actually never used it. It is a little too bright and right next to his crib so it distracts him. We keep our table lamp on his dresser/changing table and right by the door and it works great. I also love the idea of a lamp with a remote control, so if you want to turn off the light while you are rocking your baby (or turn it on) then you can without getting up! I am thinking of purchasing these so I can control the light from the chair (and I’ll probably use the others around the house also)!

6. Fan
We replaced the old fan that was in here with this great propeller fan. The price wasn’t too bad, it matches our airplane theme and it came with a remote control. I think the remote is my favorite part. We hung the remote behind the curtains next to the rocking chair for easy access while we’re in the chair. That way if we get hot or cold we don’t have to wake the baby sleeping on us to change it.

That’s the first half of my top 10 favorite nursery items! Check back Thursday for the second half and my top 5 items to have in your nursery.

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