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Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

I’ve had so many people ask me what I want for Mother’s Day and I’ve had such a hard time answering this year. To be honest, I really don’t want a lot right now. It sounds so cheesy, but I’m so happy with my little growing family and everything. But…if I had to choose, there are a few things I can come up with.

So, if you’re in need of ideas for the mom in your life, or if you’re like me and you keep getting asked what you want, here are a few ideas, some of which are even completely free!

A clean house: this does not mean you have to get a maid to clean your house. It is so expensive, and believe me, I’ve looked! What I would really love is to have all the laundry done and the house picked up, and floors clean, however that gets done. So if you’re on a budget, just ask for your husband or kids to help you clean. You can even make a fun family cleaning day or a game out of it (like who can fold the laundry the quickest, etc)!

Robot Vacuum: this is the one item that can be purchased I want to recommend. Along with the above, I just want a clean house, And last year I got a robot vacuum from my parents. It has by far been my favorite gift, almost ever! I hope to share more on that soon in another blog post, but they are surprisingly affordable (this is the one we have and it’s only $159.99) and can be delivered with amazon Prime in 2 days! Just in time for Mother’s Day!!

Breakfast: this sounds silly, but I would love nothing more than to have breakfast cooked for me by my family, or to be taken out to breakfast! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and if I would absolutely love it. And if you stay home, it’s pretty much free!

Photo books: we usually purchase photo books from Shutterfly and they do such an amazing job. My mom always makes me one once a year and I absolutely love it! Not only are they thoughtful and a great keepsake, but they’re pretty affordable! They may not get here in time for Mother’s Day, but you can always make a card and let the woman in your life know it’s on the way! She’ll get to enjoy Mother’s Day all over again when she gets it!

Handmade gifts: I am horrible at doing this for things like Father’s Day, but they are so special! You can paint a picture together, use hand or foot prints, or even take a picture and print/frame it! I absolutely love the idea of this. Now if I can only get my act together and create something for Josh…

Time: what I really want this Mother’s Day is time. I just want to spend the entire day with my family, even if all we do is sit outside with the water table. I just want to spend time with them, uninterrupted by social media or cell phones. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always give if your time. Let her know that morning that today is 100% hers, your phone is off and you’ll take care of all the un-fun things like stinky diaper changes, etc. and spend the entire day as a family.

I hope this helped give some ideas for either yourself, or that special woman in your life.

I also wanted to mention to keep all those in mind who are adopting and can’t hold their children in their arms just yet, and all the women who are trying for children or have experienced pregnancy loss. They are truly Mothers and should be honored and celebrated today, even if their child isn’t physically here. This day can be especially rough on those women, so keep them close to you and give them an extra big hug. It will mean the world to them.

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