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Dinosaur Themed 1st Birthday – Food

The best part of any party is the food, right!? So when planning Eli’s first birthday, of course I knew I had to focus on teh food.  We threw his party at 10:00 am (he’s in his best mood in the morning, right after his nap), so I decided to do mostly breakfast/brunch food.

I looked all over Pinterest to find dinosaur-themed food, but I wasn’t able to find anything that was brunch-related, or really anything I thought we’d enjoy having at the party. I was hoping to do things like veggies for “herbivore” and meats for “carnivore,” but honestly, it was REALLY hard to come up with enough types of things…everything ended up being either “herbivore” or “carnivore” which was really boring.

So, I decided to just go with the “Saurus” theme, and make every type of food go with a dinosaur I made up!  We ended up having lots of different dinosaurs come to our party:

  • “Scone-a-saurus” (mini scones from Panera)
  • “Muffin-a-saurus” (Muffins from Costco)
  • “Sausage-a-saurus” (Sausage Balls)
  • “Chick-a-saurus” (Chick-fil-a Chicken Mini’s)
  • “Fruit-a-saurus” (fruit kabobs)
  • “Caffeine-a-saurus” (Panera Hazelnut Coffee)
  • “Thirsty-a-saurus” (chocolate milk, water, and orange juice)!

I thought it turned out pretty great and everyone thought it was hilarious! We even had food for the other babies which included cheerios and puree pouches!

But, the most important part of the food for a 1st birthday party is of course, the cake. Thanks to the help of my amazing friend (Kellie, owner of Dell-icious Cakes (@dell_icious_cakes) in Tyler, Texas), I was able to bake my own cake (and smash cake) for Eli’s birthday, saving me over $50! I ended up using one of her designs for my cake and I think it turned out pretty great (although check out her cakes as her dinosaur one looks WAY better than mine)!

As you can see, Eli especially enjoyed the cake part of the party!  Make sure and check back for my next post, all about our DIY decor projects for his party!


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