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Dinosaur Themed 1st Birthday – DIY High Chair Banner

When planning Eli’s birthday party I did what probably every other mom does…I went on Pinterest.  I pinned everything I could imagine (DIY craft ideas, recipes to make, decorations, invitations).  You name it, I pinned it! But, Eli’s party got closer and closer and I did nothing.  I had a good friend tell me around 9 months not to wait and get things done as soon as possible.  That was awesome advice, but unfortunately I didn’t take it.  2 weeks before the party I realized I needed to get started on all my DIY craft and decoration ideas and because it was so late, I ended up cutting a lot of them. But, the ones I did turned out fantastic and I absolutely loved them!

I figured I’d share all about my favorite DIY craft and decoration project with y’all in this post – Eli’s high chair banner. If you want to read all about the food for the party, make sure and check out my last post here.

I had seen the most perfect high chair banner on Etsy a few months back here, but I really didn’t want to pay the $30 to make it (I highly recommend buying this one if you’re either pressed for time or don’t want to do it yourself though). So, I set out to make it myself. I started by going to my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby (if you don’t have one near you, Michaels would work great, or even Wal-Mart). I purchased 5-6 wide rolls of ribbon (they were half off and only about $2/each). I also purchased a sheet of burlap and 2 felt sheets (1 yellow and 1 green). Once I had the materials, all I had to do was assemble the banner.

I measured his high chair tray and figured out how long the banner needed to be. I cut a thin piece of ribbon to be this length. Once this was complete, I started cutting my ribbon.  I measured about how long I wanted the ribbons to be once they were tied and cut all the ribbon I had to be that length. I cut the ends at an angle so they would not fray and would look a little nicer as well.

I then started tying all the ribbon.  I’ve seen it done a couple different ways, but I liked the messier look of tying the ribbons in double knots. So that’s what I did. I set a random pattern to mix up all of the colors and tied them. I started by spacing them out evenly, but then realized they would slide on the banner ribbon so it didn’t matter as I could move them.

Once complete, I then cut the burlap piece into the size I wanted. I folded it over about an inch and almost like a pocket for the ribbon to slide into (so it could also be slid along the ribbon if I needed to move it). Then I started on the felt pieces.

The felt pieces are what took the most time for me, because I free-handed it. I used these Fiskars scissors (they are incredible) and cutting mat and started cutting. I actually cut a couple different “1”s because I wasn’t sure on the size.  I then took a dinosaur (it was attached to a banner i had purchased a Target) and traced that on my green felt. I then cut it out, chose the “1” I wanted, and hot glued them onto the burlap.

I finished off the banner by adding 2 pieces of ribbon I had saved from his diaper cake at his baby shower (I though that added a neat touch), and voila!! It was done! I tied big nots at the end of the banner to hold everything on and then when I was ready, I hot-glued it onto his high chair tray!

p.s. as I was writing this post, i realized I didn’t have a very good picture of him with his cake and his banner. Mom fail there!

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