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Time has been flying, and I realized the other day it had been almost 9 months since I have posted on here….wow! Time seriously flies! In that 9 months or so, a TON has changed for us! For starters, I have a new job that I LOVE! I have 2 tiny bosses, and man are they grueling, but it is the absolute best job I have ever had.  I am staying at home with Eli and Emma full time, and I could not be more thrilled!

This was a hard decision for me.  I have always enjoyed working (for the most part), but after Maternity leave, and getting a taste of being home with both kiddos, I had a really rough time returning to work.  In the end, I worked full time for a little over 2 months before Josh and I found a way so I could stay home.

The timing of all this was weird, though.  My last day at work was March 13, and that was also my office’s last day in the physical office.  Josh has also been working from home since then.  All this virus stuff has been so weird.  I’m not going to lie, the first week was rough.  We were unable to go anywhere to get out of the house, or even have play dates.  Everything I imagined we would do while I was staying home could no longer happen.

It has definitely taken some adjustment of thinking, and some management of expectations, as it has for the rest of the world.  And, this is our new normal, our new world if you will.

There is so much more I have to share with you, but for now, I wanted to update you on life.  Be sure to look for a new post each week (going to try hard to stick to a schedule!!) including my next post, all about what to pack in your hospital bag for a new baby…coming out next week!

Thank you all so much for your support, even when I have been MIA for so long!

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