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10 Present Ideas for a 1st Birthday

We have been to a lot of 1st birthday parties in the past year and it is always so hard to pick a present to take! Every time we get an invitation I start thinking about what to get, and it never fails I wait until the last minute because I can’t think of anything. So, I thought I’d share a list of some of the best gifts we’ve seen at parties, and some of the best gifts we received for Eli’s birthday. And, to make it so much easier, they’re all available on Amazon!

1. Bubble Machine – $24.99 – This is our go-to birthday present because all kids LOVE bubbles! We actually have this one (it’s a little pricier at $36.99) which blows an insane amount of bubbles!! There’s also a cheaper option here at $14.99 (our friends have this one and it works really well).

2. Ball Pit – $15.99 – I cannot even begin to explain how much Eli loves the ball pit! Every kid who comes over also loves it. You can purchase balls here ($10.99) or here ($19.99) as well.  And here is another similar ball-pit for $10.99.

3. Anything Little People – Prices Vary – We love Little People toys! Some of our favorites to gift are the Airplane ($9.84), Bus ($9.84), and Camper ($22.99). Some of our favorites if you have a bigger budget are The Farm ($34.73) or the Construction Site ($67.63)

4. Toy Purse (for girls) – $13.95) or Stackable Construction Car Puzzles (for boys) – $17.99 – We have a good friend whose daughter absolutely loves her toy purse she received on her first birthday (she is currently around 21 months old now) and Eli absolutely loves the Construction Puzzles. He plays with them as cars (and says “vrooom”…it’s precious) and takes them apart and stacks them!

5. Pots & Pans – $25.99 – We do not have our own set for Eli, but he loves to play with our actual pots & pans.  I want to get him his own (mainly so he won’t ruin mine) so badly! Here is another cheaper option for $13.99.

6. Grocery Cart – $21.25 – Eli just now started to really like this, which is great because it means he will love it as he gets older. He’ll now walk around the house and throw his “treasures” (my makeup, hair products, magnets, basically anything he can find) inside and walk around. It is sooo cute!  We actually have this one, which is a little pricier at $35.97 but it is absolutely precious when he pushes around his stuffed dinosaur!

7. Books are always a big hit and a safe bet, you can never go wrong with books!!  Here are a few of our favorite ones to gift:

The next few ideas are a little pricier, but are great if you’re a grandparent, family member, or go in together with a couple of friends!

8. Fisher Price Crawl Around Car – $59.99 – Eli is completely obsessed with this car and has been for the past few months. Also, most of his friends that come over to play absolutely love it as well (including those older than 2).  This is a fantastic gift that will grow with the child!

9. Water Table – $61.99 – Every child that visits absolutely loves to play in our water table. It is fantastic for a hot summer day, but also for sensory play! This one is also really cute ($61.99), and our friends have this one and love it ($41.49)

10. Cozy Coupe – $53.99 – Eli loves this car. He will open the door, crawl in, and sit for hours! He’ll also go gather more “treasures” and store them in his car. Josh and I love taking him down the sidewalk to ride in it also. This is another gift that will really grow with him! There are also a lot of different styles of cozy coupe, such as a Dinosaur one, a Truck one, and a Fairy Princess one!

I really hope this helps give some ideas for your next birthday party!  I’d love to hear your go-to gifts for a 1st birthday!

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